Did anyone else grow up eating lay’s potato chips dipped in hidden valley ranch flavored dip? It makes me cringe now to think about that mysterious powder being poured into the innocent sour cream. What is in that stuff?! I believe MSG is among the ingredients. No wonder I couldn’t stop eating it!

My husband also loves the flavor of ranch salad dressings and dips. He loves it when I make a ranch salad dressing using sour cream and buttermilk – two ingredients I don’t generally have on hand.

I almost always have yogurt in the refrigerator, though. And because we need to make whey for homemade baby formula, I almost always have yogurt cheese sitting around as well.

This doesn’t taste exactly the same as the sour cream/buttermilk combination, but it is delicious in it’s own right – and contains no mysterious ingredients.

Yogurt Ranch Dip


1/2 cup yogurt cheese (whole milk yogurt drained overnight in a sieve with cheesecloth)
2 medium garlic cloves, minced
1 teaspoon dried, minced chives
1/8 teaspoon dried dill weed
3-4 grinds of fresh black pepper
1/4 cup plain whole milk yogurt
1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, or to taste
1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon onion powder


Mix all ingredients together thoroughly. Refrigerate for at least one hour and taste before serving. Adjust seasoning as needed. Serve as a dip for cucumber slices, carrot stick, celery sticks or any other vegetables.


16 Responses to Yogurt Ranch Dip

  1. Noelle says:

    My kids love ranch dressing. I should figure out how to make homemade with all the kefir we have. I always add vanilla to our yogurt as I make it…think that would make funky ranch! :o )


  2. That sounds fantastic! I bet it would be good with a little blue cheese added too.

    Nourished Kitchen’s last blog post..Fermented Food: Benefits of Lactic Acid Fermentation


  3. Brenda says:

    My husband loves ranch, this would be a healthier version for him


  4. Amy Ellen says:

    I love this recipe! Do you mind if I link to it from my blog?

    Amy Ellen’s last blog post..Fabulous News!


  5. Kaycee says:

    This sounds great. I should make this with the homemade yogurt I’m trying this weekend.

    Kaycee’s last blog post..March Goals


  6. Denise says:

    I will try this. thanks!

    Denise’s last blog post..no Bible no breakfast


  7. Pampered Mom says:

    I love dip!! We typically go with something a bit simpler like 1c mayonnaise (homemade is best, obviously), 1c yogurt, and 3 tablespoons of some kind of herbs/spices (usually Frontier’s Italian Seasoning Blend).

    Oh…and you are right, Hidden Valley Ranch like most commercially available ranches has MSG in it!

    Pampered Mom’s last blog post..Our Third Car-Free Journey – A Trip to the Library


  8. Sounds great. I love having a homemade version of Ranch. Very cool. I am glad you joined us this week! I hope you will keep coming back to Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.

    Lisa@Blessedwithgrace’s last blog post..Tempt My Tummy Tuesday….Never had a sandwich like this…


  9. Jerri says:

    Excellent Recipe. I love ranch dip!

    Jerri’s last blog post..Adventures In Shopping: Thrift Store Finds


  10. Katie says:

    Yum! This is zingy, but I love it!

    Katie’s last blog post..A Reduced Produce Primer


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  12. Alyss says:

    Yum! I make ranch with sour cream all the time, because I am more likely to have that than yogurt cheese. I make mine really simply with a bunch of dill, a fair amount of garlic powder, a smaller amount of onion powder and a pinch of italian seasoning or basil. Salt and pepper to taste. Scale up or down as appropriate :)


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  15. Rebecca says:

    Could I make this recipe substituting greek yogurt for the yogurt cheese and regular yogurt?


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