It is still too early here in the mid-west for lots of local produce. So until that time we are focusing on getting our own garden up and running. In two weeks our CSA share will begin and I hope to start doing my shopping at the farmer’s market in the coming weeks.

Until I can share lots of great seasonal produce and recipes I’ll try not to bore you too bad with pictures of our garden progress.

So far about half of our cabbage has sprouted up. We may need to replant some seeds because of the poor germination rate, but this was partly expected as we were using seeds leftover from last year.


The garlic and onions are doing very well. may-14-2009-019

The lettuce and spinach are not doing so great. We suspect this is due to the very wet conditions we are currently experiencing. may-14-2009-025

So far the peas seem to the be the star of the show, with probably a 90% germination rate. We just put up some old plastic mesh fencing for them to crawl up.


We planted two flats of tomatoes this week, 72 seeds total. Sprinter, cherry and brandywine heirloom were the varieties we chose.

may-14-2009-007We also planted another flat of greens – spinach, chard, kale and cabbage.


That’s it so far. We have a lot more work to do and much more planting and weeding ahead of us.

It has been so fun watching tiny seeds become little baby plants. I dare say miraculous.


3 Responses to Garden Update: Baby Plants

  1. Denise says:

    it has done nothing but rain here ALL WEEK. I must get out to the garden this weekend. love seeing the progress of yours


  2. cassie-b says:

    We just put our tomatoes in yesterday and had a lot of rain last night. Lucky!
    We planted our lettuce in a hanging basket and hung it in the Maple tree that shades our deck. And the results are fantastic. Not only have we gotten a banner crop, but it looks so pretty.


  3. Nancy says:

    I’m in the midwest too and yes, it is wet. I’m ready for some sunshine. I have yet to get all of my garden in (not much). Hope to be able to do that this weekend if the rain will hold off.


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