Ok, so most of my menu plans are not very extravagant, especially not as of late. With the sunshine and garden calling us out, I just don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen these days. This week, though, needs to be extra simple because we are going out of town next week and we have guests coming twice this week.

Not to mention the fact that I was up a good portion of the night with a sick baby and my poor husband has injured his shoulder. The baby is better, thankfully, but I fear my husband will be laid up for a while.

We have noticed some unusual behavioral issues with our toddler again, which is leading us to suspect he is not tolerating something well – either raw milk or grains. So we are going to take him back off of milk to see if it helps. He seems to do fine with yogurt, so I will be making a lot of that in my crock pot this week. Plus it will make a great snack for our loooong trip on Sunday.

The grains are for my husband and son. If I make a grain-free main dish with vegetable sides then all I have to do is add a starchy filler for my boys.


  • breakfast: almond flour pancakes, bacon
  • dinner: Omelets, coconut flour muffins, salad with sprouts
  • prep: soak millet, make yogurt, grocery shop, thaw beef


  • breakfast: millet porridge, eggs
  • dinner: Taco salad, crock pot beans & rice cooked in chicken stock
  • prep: order milk & eggs from farmer, start rice & beans in crock pot


  • breakfast: smoothies
  • dinner: Minestrone soup in the crock pot
  • prep: Thaw chicken, soak millet


  • breakfast: eggs, bacon and oranges
  • dinner: (company) Roasted chicken, roasted vegetables, millet cooked in chicken stock, cortido, blueberries and whipped cream for dessert
  • prep: Roast extra chicken to use in Sunday’s travels, thaw short ribs, soak rice, thaw blueberries


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