“Or what if I had simply grown up in a time when food was seasonal? When there was, in each year, a time of more and a time of less? When food was not just there in packages on the supermarket shelf all year?”

~ Jessica Prentice ~

Welcome to another edition of Food Roots!

Our food system is destroying the soil, wasting valuable resources and making us sick. The only thing that is sustainable and the only thing that can reverse the many complications of a broken food system is to get back to our food roots. We must plant the seeds ourselves. We must shake the hand of the farmer who grows our food. We must take back our food system.

Where Does My Food Come From?

A very busy week for gardening, farmer’s markets and local food. Greens are all over my refrigerator so we are eating lots of salads and dishes containing cooked greens.

So I ask you again – where does your food come from?

To participate in Food Roots…

***This week we will be using email or comments due to issues with Mr. Linky***

  1. create a blog post pertaining to local, seasonal foods or what you are doing to find your food’s roots.
  2. in your post add a link back here so that others can benefit from your information and encouragement.
  3. email me or leave a comment in this post with a link to your post. I will link to you all individually below. This actually creates more traffic for your blog, so in a way it is a good thing.

Feel free to use the Food Roots banner above, if you wish.

If you do not have a blog please share your thoughts in the comments.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Thank you for participating!

This week…


10 Responses to Food Roots – June 11

  1. [...] on eating more nourishing foods on The Nourishing Gourmet blog. This post was entered in the Food Roots Blog Carnival, check it out for more stories about where people get their [...]

  2. Amy says:

    My local foods in GA post:

    Hoping to have a real post of substance up for next week! ;o)


  3. kirwin says:

    I was hoping to have a post ready for this, but then I never got around to posting about actual food. The topic kind of got away from me, and it ended being more about recycling than precycling…which includes paying a lot of attention to where your food comes from. I hope to get to the *real* post soon.
    In the meantime, my recycling post is here:

    I love this series, Shannon!


  4. Carrie says:

    here’s my contribution this week

    Farm Fresh to You Produce Service


  5. Amy says:

    Hi! Here are two posts on eating seasonally:

    And this post from last week ends with eating seasonally from our garden and the farmer’s market:

    I’ve also been trying to do recipes each week based on a seasonal ingredient, so far swiss chard and spinach.

    I enjoy your blog and have learned a lot!


  6. Just posted a look at the new batch of CSAs: we’re moving beyond the veggie box.


  7. Nichole says:

    oh no, sorry about the incomplete comment that was posted above. I posted about gardening (we have a small box at home and now are participating in a community garden).
    Thanks for this opportunity to share.


  8. Hi Shannon,

    I’m so glad to submit my post about Earthkeeper Farm to your carnival! (

    I actually looked for your post last night after posting and didn’t see it, so I’m glad you reminded me today! :)



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