“Or what if I had simply grown up in a time when food was seasonal? When there was, in each year, a time of more and a time of less? When food was not just there in packages on the supermarket shelf all year?”

~ Jessica Prentice ~

Welcome to another edition of Food Roots!

Our food system is destroying the soil, wasting valuable resources and making us sick. The only thing that is sustainable and the only thing that can reverse the many complications of a broken food system is to get back to our food roots. We must plant the seeds ourselves. We must shake the hand of the farmer who grows our food. We must take back our food system.

Where Does My Food Come From?

This week we had an abundance of herbs and greens from both the csa and our garden. We ate meals filled with these lovelies and I was also able to preserve a little for winter. I blanched and froze collards and kale and dehydrated sage and thyme from my garden.

I also shared my recipe for basil-walnut pesto along with some thoughts on food preservation. Friday marks the opening of a nearby u-pick blueberry farm. We hope to make blueberries our main preserved fruit for winter, so we will be seen there at least once a week. I can’t wait.

So I ask you again…

Where does your food come from?

To participate in Food Roots…

  1. create a blog post pertaining to local, seasonal foods or what you are doing to find your food’s roots.
  2. in your post add a link back here so that others can benefit from everyone’s information and encouragement.
  3. add your name and url to mr. linky below.

Feel free to use the Food Roots banner above, if you wish. If you do not have a blog, please share your thoughts in the comments.

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Thank you for participating!


8 Responses to Food Roots – July 16: where does your food come from?

  1. Denise says:

    My post is about our eggs – fresh from the backyard!

    I wish I liked Pesto but I do not – too rich for me.


  2. Hi, thanks so much for this carnival. I have submitted a post about a wonderful way to save money at the Farmers Market, the source of most of my food these days. On Saturdays I visit one or more market to stock my refridge.

    This morning I had the best peach EVER from one of last Saturdays forays.




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  5. Hi!

    I’m sharing some thoughts and information on growing ultra-local food; perennial vegetables!

    Carrie @ Orgranic & Thrifty


  6. Amanda says:

    We’re all about turnips at our place today!


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  8. This is great to have more participants this week. Looking forward to reading everyone’s post. I shared a bit of my heart and personal history on mine.


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