“Or what if I had simply grown up in a time when food was seasonal? When there was, in each year, a time of more and a time of less? When food was not just there in packages on the supermarket shelf all year?”

~ Jessica Prentice ~

Welcome to another edition of Food Roots!

Our food system is destroying the soil, wasting valuable resources and making us sick. The only thing that is sustainable and the only thing that can reverse the many complications of a broken food system is to get back to our food roots. We must plant the seeds ourselves. We must shake the hand of the farmer who grows our food. We must take back our food system.

Where Does My Food Come From?

When I made a trip to the grocery store the other day I found that I didn’t need much more than some raw nuts and nut butters. I am finding most things locally.

  • Vegetables – CSA & our garden
  • Fruit – Berries from the farmers market
  • Milk – Picked up yards away from where they milk – at the same farm we pick up vegetables from
  • Beef – Local and grass-fed sold at a local health food store
  • Roasting Chickens & Eggs – From a local farmer, “the chicken man”

I am so inspired by what I am finding that I wrote about our CSA and how I am living a dream. There are always little things like olive oil, kerrygold butter, coconut oil, sea salt, tea, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, spices. None of these things come locally. Next week I hope to explore these little things and if/why it matters.

So I ask you again – where does your food come from?

To participate in Food Roots…

  1. create a blog post pertaining to local, seasonal foods or what you are doing to find your food’s roots.
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I can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Thank you for participating!