Last week really could have used a menu plan. My husband spent most of the week at home continuing to recover and it was actually a nice time of having papa home. Thankfully he is continuing to get better and will be heading back to work this week as he can. That means that I will be trying to get routines, preparations and meals back to normal as well.

I have added in a few grains here and there for the boys, but we are trying to keep them to a minimum and I try to avoid them entirely. Cooler temperatures are here which means plenty of soups made with homemade stock – a real time and budget saver.




  • breakfast: soaked oats w/ walnuts and dried fruit, fried eggs
  • dinner: Chicken soup with vegetables, coconut flour biscuits (working on recipe)
  • prep: bake coconut flour biscuits, strain chicken stock, thaw beef, place farm order


  • breakfast: coconut flour biscuits, fried eggs
  • dinner: taco salad + sprouted lentils
  • prep:


  • breakfast: nut and fruit “cereal” with raw milk
  • dinner: beef stew with barley, pumpkin pudding
  • prep: start stew in crock pot in morning, bake pumpkin pudding, pick up farm order

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