When I first learned that I had low thyroid functioning I started researching all possible causes and food-related treatments. One treatment that kept coming up was sea vegetables. The minerals found in seaweed, along with amino acids, combine to make a super nutrient dense way to take in iodine, zinc, and much more.

It is my understanding that the tribes studied by Dr. Weston A Price went to great lengths to obtain anything from the sea – be it animal or vegetable – because they knew of their nutrient density.

Which is why I am excited about today’s giveaway. It can be difficult to incorporate seaweed into meals.

"What’s for dinner, honey?"

"Baked fish and seaweed salad." I don’t think that would fly in our house. My husband is aware of the health benefits of seaweed, though, and prefers to eat it without mentioning of the words "seaweed." Which is where this product comes in.

"We harvest three closely related species of brown wild shallow water wrack seaweed. These distinct varieties are more nutrient dense and balanced than any other species. Only fresh, living wild plants are harvested, cleaned, air-dried and immediately cracked, milled, micronised or puréed to produce a range of convenient, digestible forms. Nothing is extracted or added."

Today the GAPS Diet store is giving away your choice of one of these seagreens products:

How To Enter

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There are four entries possible.

This contest will close at midnight on Thursday, Sept. 30. I will announce the winner and let you in on a little discount code once the contest has closed.

Please note that GAPS Diet Store is a sponsor of Nourishing Days, and as such I am compensated for this giveaway. That being said, I only giveaway products that I trust and find useful.

I can’t wait to see who wins!