Posting is sparse these days as I finish up Simple Food {for spring}. This one is very different from the winter edition in ingredients, technique, and focus but similar in a desire for simple, sustainable food and homegrown change.

Today I thought I’d share a little peek into the upcoming book, coming very soon.

From "Introduction: A Different Kind of Simple Food":

Because frankly, after a long winter, who wouldn’t eat spinach or lettuce by the fistful right from the garden whether the neighbors are looking or not?

From "On Fulfilling My Destiny as a Farmer’s Wife":

I’ve stood barefoot in the kitchen with a baby on my hip before, probably while making a pie too, but now… now I will truly be able to fulfill my destiny.

From "Towards Sustainability":

Change is not made by government or even the votes that get them there. Change is made by families who recognize the current system is broken and who quietly say no to that system’s convenience, comfort, and hand outs while creating a more sustainable future.

So that is what I’ve been up to the past few months. What has been really fun this time around is all of the photography and editing that I have been doing. Every recipe was shot when tested so the spring edition will be full of lots of green.

Just looking at the photos on this rainy morning cheers me up and reminds that spring is, indeed, green (once the rain stops).