This week in my kitchen I am…

  • Awaiting my 30 pound peach order and wondering how much will actually get preserved when they are unbelievably tasty fresh.
  • Debating whether or not to can some tomato sauce for winter when we will be playing a tight game of tetris as it is for moving.
  • Happy to watch boys of all ages doing their homemade bread dance after baking what has to be the easiest bread ever this week.
  • Eating tomatoes breakfast, lunch, and dinner around here… and (not surprisingly) they don’t last long.
  • Looking forward with great anticipation to raspberry picking… they are the best berry after all.
  • Making herbal pregnancy every few days and actually really enjoying its yumminess.
  • Enjoying another gallon of lacto-fermented pickles and hoping for extra tomatoes to make the salsa next week.
  • Thankful for a kitchen that was completely clean for about an hour. It was fleeting but it was nice.
  • Starting to plan how we will do the bare necessities like washing dishes and cooling foods once we move off-grid. It is exciting!

What’s happening in your kitchen these days?