When Annabelle was born we were blessed to have meals brought to us for two weeks straight. It was generous and nothing short of amazing.

I remember eating nothing but fast food, crackers, and peanut butter toast in those weeks following my first birth and I regret it. Nourishing meals can provide a new mother with energy and replenishment after a hard labor. They can help her to rest and bond with her new little one. They can help along her recovery and boost the family’s moral during those sleepless early days.

In short, I now recognize the blessing of pulling together as a community and helping a sister out when she has a baby. I wrote about the foods that are most nourishing for her and her family at the Plan to Eat Blog. If you’re interested, check it out.


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  1. Cynthia says:

    This form of community fellowship of helping one another with such love and understanding was a large part of my grandmothers generation. My grandma Laura had six children, two of them twins, my father being one of the twins born in 1924. Within the farming community a neighbor had a baby that she was unable to breast feed, so my grandmother breast fed her twins and the neighbors baby. Something unheard of today. I so love hearing stories of your community of women supporting each other with this same love and understanding; the importance of your need to bond with Annabelle, and their support in bringing forth food to the loved ones in your home. I am so very happy for all of you, it is a rarity and a wonderful example for all to follow. Absolutely heart warming.


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