Right now, I am…

Enjoying the sites and sounds of seven little chicks nuzzled up with their mama in the coop. The first new life on our land, besides little Annabelle, and we are so thankful to be able to see the process from start to finish. The eyes of wonder that little boys get from seeing them is just as exciting as the chicks themselves.

Making all sorts of sourdough, soups, and fizzy, fruity kombucha. For a few months, at least, it feels like kitchen weather.

Savoring the homemade butter brought by friends and neighbors. Made from fresh jersey cream and slathered over sourdough English muffins I’m not sure which is better – the deep yellow color or the rich, fresh flavor.

Feeling the warmth of a wood stove radiating through our little home. Hot tea, pancakes, french toast, and soups all taste just a little better when they’re cooked with wood carried in by little hands.

Hearing a continuous stream of chicken antics. Still need to off those roosters!

Watching Annabelle become a little girl. A girl! It’s just as wonderful and fulfilling as watching those two boys grow into toddlerhood was, but just different enough in the way that little girls with dresses and hair falling into their eyes can be. And, oh the way her Daddy looks at her.

Realizing that these 300 square feet just got a whole lot smaller now that Annabelle is crawling underfoot (ahem, wood stove).

Planning to really get organized and settled in this little space but it’s a bit like shoveling in the proverbial snow storm. Little bits here and there are starting to add up, I hope.

Trying to keep straight all of the various projects we are juggling. All are exciting and wonderful, but I am starting to drop some of the balls as they fall.

Thankful for the opportunities we have been given to work together, from home, while trying to build this little homestead and raise a family. Us adults each have our roles in keeping the ship afloat, but to be able to come together and collaborate on various things has been such a blessing.

 Thinking of you all, or y’all, and wondering who you are, how you are doing, and how you got here… but thankful you are!


7 Responses to right now

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m interested to find out how you make your fruity kombucha. My husband and I are just starting out in this journey.

    Thanks for all the great info and your wonderful blog.


  2. Ann says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing!


  3. Jade says:

    This is so eloquently written. The words are true and real. I love your blog – although I actually cannot remember how I originally stumbled upon you. An inspiration though – you are.


  4. Jen says:

    That butter looks beautiful, and delicious! The children are adorable.

    I’ve been reading here for 2-3 years, and probably found you through a real food blog link-up back in the day when we were transitioning our diet.

    I must say I feel better knowing that you drop a few balls here and there. Of course I know that everyone does sometimes… but still. I feel like I’m never going to get organized and on top of things. We’ve been updating/remodelling our modest home slowly but surely for the past 2 years. With a 2 year old and almost 5 year old, it seems I never have time to get to all the projects that need to be done around here. Our goal is to find our own little homestead in time, and it’s never going to happen if we can’t get this place done, organized and decluttered.


  5. Kathryn says:

    I think you are amazing brave for what your family has done. I don’t agree with everything but to walk away from all that is conventional takes a lot of guts. One thing that does cause some concern is your cabin. It looks to be more thin boards attached to a camper without a real foundation, insulation or basic safety from the elements. In your pictures (and comments) the wood stove does not appear to be supported well and almost bowing the supports. I know certain states do not require basic building codes but is one of them Texas. I should know this as I was married in that state and grew up in OK.

    We are currently building a farmhouse on 7.5 acres in KY and we have to get the county inspector every step of the way. We even failed one and had to amend some things to get it passed the second time.

    Please don’t take this as negative or hateful. I love your blog and have many of your ideas/recipes bookmarked. As the mother of 4 young ones I know how they can get into things and was merely concerned.

    Have a blessed 2013!



    Shannon Reply:

    Hi Kathryn!

    Thank you for your comment and your concern. Our cabin is a temporary structure attached to a camper. It is built on a foundation, but we still consider it temporary which is why it is unfinished, has no insulation, and is fairly inexpensive. We are as safe from the elements as you can get in an uninsulated home, but the cold (I think) is less of a struggle than the heat.

    The wood stove sits atop what I believe is called concrete board. This “concrete board” is atop concrete blocks which separates it the recommended distance from walls, floors, etc. The bowing you see in the picture is not from the weight of the stove itself, but from the weight of a person standing atop the part of the concrete board that the stove does not rest on and there is a gap between concrete blocks underneath.

    Our area does not have building codes, which is one reason we like living here :) .

    I don’t take your comment as anything more than care and concern so no worries there.

    Thanks again!


  6. Kathryn says:

    Thank you! I always worry that such a comment will be taken negatively as the subtle nuances of speech are lost on the computer. Having grown up in Oklahoma and spending much, much time in TX I don’t know how you made it through this past summer! My parents left OK and traveled because the heat was like the surface of the sun.

    Keep the posts coming. I love “peeking through the windows” of your life!



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