Do you remember that day one of us said “I can’t take it anymore, I’m going to the garden.”?Well, that someone was the Papa there, and while everyone seemed to be having a particularly rough day, the garlic was also ready to be harvested to make way for some beans.

So, to the garden we went and harvest the garlic we did. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many heads we harvested, but that big tote Stewart is carrying was plumb full. Those heads are currently drying across a large folding table.

We’ll save some of the harvest for next year’s seed. We’ll probably hang a whole bunch for eating fresh. I’ll probably also put up some lacto-fermented garlic since it’s a simple way to pop a clove when you need it.

The boys helped Papa pull up the these bulbs, Annabelle supervised from her stroller, and I documented it all with the camera. After that everyone’s troubles, big and small, seemed to melt away.

It’s hard to keep on having a bad day when you witness children say things like “This whole big head of garlic grew from one clove? WOW!”

Wow, indeed.