The day began like many others – a fire in the wood stove, fried eggs for us, greens shake for him. We talk, he takes his first dose of supplements, and hands me mine because “We can’t both be down.”

And he’s right. After many mid-mornings of dragging myself from chore to chore I am so, so grateful for energy this morning. I wash dishes, I stoke the wood stove, I cook a big pot of chili for lunch. Elijah washes up some of our sweet potatoes and we roast them in the oven.

Abram does the very important job of making blanket houses with Annabelle, who could spend her whole day with this littlest big brother of hers.


And then I hurry. Frantically change out of work clothes, finish up lunch, pack a couple of bags, and make sure to give the boys a list of chores to do while Daddy’s resting. I am going to have a much-needed work day, the first real one in months, and they need to clean and sweep and spread mulch and try to let Daddy rest.

Because today he just needs rest. All of those other things he wants to do… he just can’t. He needs rest.

So I leave him to the bed, the boys to their chores, and Annabelle and I head to the sweet, willing baby-sitter. She has no idea how much this helps. Quiet for him and checking off the list for me.


And then it’s sitting down for five hours trying to catch up on the everything I was supposed to be doing for the past two months. And the Lord grants yet another mercy – plenty of energy and plenty of things checked off the list. By five I am aching for home and this family of ours.

When I hit that dirt road and park outside of the barbed wire fence I am met by little men, telling me of their day and their incessant hunger. And he is standing, at the sink no less, washing up some dishes. You all know what a sweet sight that is, but just seeing him out of bed is even sweeter.


And there’s leftover chili and potatoes to fill bellies. But soon thereafter he is down again, exhausted, and in under the covers before the children. He needs rest.

And then the boys show their tired cranky sides and it seemed time for them too. Hugs and kisses and potty and blankets. I sit down to do a bit of reading and Annabelle climbs into my lap and before I know it, she’s snoozing too. And wow, is it peaceful. I can barely get around the crib to tuck her in safely. This sweet, kicking babe sure is growing.

I pull the light string with its familiar chu-chin and this family of mine is already asleep – cozy, comfy, and breathing rhythmically. I put the chili away, and check the weather. I make a fire to have some embers burning when we need to make one in the middle of the night.


I lay down, read for a bit, and reflect on this day while the newest little one kicks and jabs. This ordinary day is not that different from any other – hugs and no-nos and I’m hungry. Kitchens and laundry lines and computers. How are you feeling and I need to rest and it’s okay, lay down. Pink kitty pajamas and will you read to me and everyone else is sleeping.

And there is peace.

And there is grace.

And there is oh so much to be thankful for.


12 Responses to An Ordinary Day – My Very Favorite Kind

  1. Kelly says:

    Lovely- I really resonate with being ready to come home after a work away day. They are needed, but it’s so nice to return. Hope everyone feels better!


  2. MissPeaches says:

    Wonderful attitude, I hope the Lord will grant him his old strength back soon.


  3. JoAnne says:

    Oh dear! Have you looked into the possibility of Lyme disease, and its coinfections, being the root cause?


    Shannon Reply:

    JoAnne – Thank you for your thoughts. Yes we have, and Stewart doesn’t believe that is what he’s struggling with. We appreciate your concern, though.


    Shawn Reply:

    @Shannon, Does you husband have health insurance? Has he seen any kind of healing practitioner? It sounds as though your family is experiencing some hardship due to his condition? I hope he gets help for this. Good luck


    Shannon Reply:

    Hi Shawn – Thank you for your concern. Yes, he has seen a couple of practitioners and lately most days are not as tough as that for him. Some are, though, and this particular day just happened to be one of them.

  4. Lori says:

    I know this was an ‘ordinary day’ for you, but I also know how busy and tiring it was for you! You make it sound so simple, but we’ve all been there at one time or another.
    I hope these ‘ordinary days’ become extraordinary in that your husband gets his strength back and life can go back to the old normal.
    And I pray God continues to bless and keep each one of you.


  5. DebbieM says:

    I must have missed the post about your husband’s health…what happened?


    Shannon Reply:

    DebbieM – I’m not sure that we have done an official post on it, but he has severe adrenal fatigue. Which explains the need for lots and lots of rest. :)


  6. Molly's Keeper says:

    I have to say I’ve been a silent follower of yours since the day you moved down south. You’re living the life I would if I had the courage to do it (and if my family were on board). I’m so sorry to hear of your husband’s health. I’ve been through some similar things and wanted to share what has finally helped me in the hopes of helping your very dear family. I went the whole way nourishing traditions style, soaking and fermenting everything after being run down after the birth of our 4th – trying to regain my strength. I had ups and downs, and every time I felt worse I would get more strict: cut out everything processed, cut out sugar, went GF, etc. Then I found Gaps and we tried that for months: some ups and then a big crash. I was exhausted all the time, cold, allergies, depressed, felt like I couldn’t handle life anymore. After a couple of years of this and crying out to God for help, I found Matt Stone’s 180degreehealth website. In particular his diet recovery book. I finally put some things together! I spent a couple of months eating as much as possible, especially high calorie, high carbohydrate foods (the ones I’d been avoiding for “health” reasons)and resting as much as possible. I babied myself but pushed my digestive system more to develop the enzymes needed for gluten and dairy. It was 2 steps forward one step back for several months. I had to get over my fear of “bad” foods. I had to eat things that sounded good to me, not what I told myself were good for me. I NEEDED those calories and carbohydrates for healing. Not just potatoes and rice. It was wheat flour pancakes with plenty of butter and syrup and homemade ice cream and plenty of salt on my meat that were healing. I quit drinking 8 glasses of water a day and drank what my body asked for. All that extra water was flushing minerals out that I needed desperately. I still cook from scratch for the most part, but I quit stressing about food and quit thinking about it as good and bad. I had to help my husband recover from all of my experiments too. His adrenals were stressed and his metabolism low as well. Now, a full year later, I would say I am fully recovered. I have energy from morning til night, am able to take care of my kids and a cow and a small farm. I have interests and motivation and more joy than I have for many years. I know everyone’s journey is different, but if my experience can help anyone I’m happy to share it. I hope to read many joyful posts in the future of how God has brought healing to your man. Praying for you!


    Shannon Reply:

    Molly’s Keeper – Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I am familiar with Matt Stone and the diet recovery ideas and agree with much of the basic concepts.

    Right now some days are just like the one described above, while others are much more “normal”. Besides needing a lot of rest and nourishment, I think you’re absolutely right about just feeding him with calories and nutrients without the stress. There are some foods that he just seems to feel awful after eating, like unsoaked oatmeal, but then he’ll eat a piece of sourdough bread and feel fine. So we’re still trying different things.

    For a while there, he was much more restrictive with his food intake. Now it seems he’s eating more, has an improved appetite, and isn’t so sensitive to so many things. So, I believe things are improving, it’s just a slow process.

    Again, thanks so much for sharing your experience and for your kind words.


  7. Well, Shannon, you can see I’m a month behind of some things, like encouraging my sisters. I pray for Stewart’s healing and for your continued strength and health. Your attitude is as beautiful as you are.


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