This is our small but cozy kitchen, one wing of it anyway, and I have been enjoying spending more and more time here. Just to the right of this photo is the front door and if you walk in you’re bound to almost always see dirty dishes, fresh eggs, and an industrial-sized dish drainer. Because that’s how we roll.


Also plentiful these days are helpers. Someone’s always willing to lend a hand at pounding kraut, they’re happy to bring in firewood, and their daily table and floor chores sure help their mama out. And when the little lady isn’t making a bigger mess than we started with, she’s coming and going with plates and jars and carrying in eggs with me from the coop.


An afternoon spent fermenting various things is well worth the extra dishes. A couple of gallons of ferments make for some quick meals when enzymes and probiotics are scooped right from the jar.


Fermented cranberry-sweet potato relish anyone? Next time maybe I’ll remember to put it away before it turns to sweet potato hooch.


And am I the only one loving soup season? Fresh chopped vegetables and a bit of protein covered in water or broth all go straight in the pot and dinner is served, right?

How are you spending those moments in the kitchen these days?