I waddled down the dirt road the other day just as fast as a pregnant lady at this stage possibly can. They were all way out in front of me – one on his bike, one running alongside his brother, and Papa chasing them both with a little red head in the stroller.

He was running, chasing, laughing as they laughed. And I laughed with them and then it hit me.

When was the last time I saw this? Maybe early last summer as the garden was starting to take shape.

How far had he come? I remember a couple of months ago a man who could only work a half day, and that completely drained him. I remember three months ago a man who could work some half days and other days could not get out of bed. I remember a man five months ago who was frail, not himself, who seemed to be holding on by a thread some days.


And now, this.

Running and chasing and laughing and tickling our children. Throwing his little girl in the air while they both grin and chuckle big belly laughs. Working full days on this and that, working on the new floor, up before me and breaking up firewood.

We never know how long these things will last – health or the lack thereof – so I try not to see it as being over the hump or on the other side in any way. And we both know he still has a ways to go.

But man, it was a joyous morning to see our Papa and his little ones at it again. And we give thanks to the Lord for the healing He has granted.


9 Responses to And Now, This

  1. Kathi says:

    What a wonderful story and an even more wonderful sight for you, I am sure.


  2. Joolz says:

    That is great to hear. I hope his health continues to build. Do you think it is to do with his healthy diet?


  3. isis says:

    i am so very happy for all of you! it gives me hope that by eating well i can improve my health and energy levels as well.


  4. Heather says:

    What a blessing, praise God!


  5. Martha says:

    Happy to hear this good news. Bless you for taking such good care of your family. Always a pleasure to read about you all.


  6. DebbieM says:

    So glad to see the improvements!!!! May the Lord continue to grant recovery, peace, patience and grace!


  7. So pleased. Praise God, and glad to see it!


    Shannon Reply:

    Praise Him, indeed!


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