Back in the fall, after the intensity of summer, we started to work in the garden again. Generally August and September are survival months, moving through the hottest of days before we can begin thinking of fall gardening again.

So once October and November rolled around we were ready to get back to it. This last fall we planted garlic, as we do most years. This time we did several long rows in the chicken field. We didn’t have seed garlic left from last year’s harvest and just ended up picking up some grocery store garlic. This particular variety produced garlic scapes which we also harvested for various dishes before we picked the garlic bulbs themselves.


One day, among a string of rainy days, the garlic was discovered to be fairly large. We were expecting a lot more rain and so we decided to pull it before it could get water-logged. Stewart was working and I was busy inside with the little ones so we put Abram to the task.


He began to lug bucket after bucket brimming with garlic and just a bit of soil into the house. After a while it became evident that there was more garlic than I had expected. As Abram brought in his bucket loads, we began to spread it out on the kitchen floor as we awaited a more permanent space to be decided upon.


Eventually a third of the kitchen floor was covered in garlic several heads deep. What a blessing! We still have some in the pallet garden from seed given to us by a neighbor. That harvest will, Lord willing, come a little later.

We’ve started to eat this batch of garlic and Stewart said that raw it may be the most pungent he’s tasted. I’ve been grating it into salads and other dishes and of course cook with it continuously. Besides all of the general eating, I have plans to ferment some and then we’ll try to save some for seed if we can.


Growing garlic always reminds me that the increase is given by the Lord. So many crops we have tried and failed at and not without a fair amount of effort. And then we put garlic in the ground, the Lord brings the rain, and multiplies a single small clove into a large head of goodness.

In terms of the garden, once the garlic was pulled, the boys each planted a section of beans. I believe two of the rows are dedicated to good old green beans and the third is climbing asparagus beans with sunflowers planted as a living trellis. Golly, I love this process.

What’s happening in your garden?