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It is some kind of irony that all of our children seem to be cat people. They all like to pick up Rover and carry him around and Joshie even chases him around the house if ever he jumps in while the screen door finishes closing.

I liked that Rover seems to be making a dent in the rodent population, though he certainly still has his hands full in that department. Stewart falls somewhere between the children and I in his affection, or lack thereof, for the feline species.

So when another kitty was offered to us, I guess it was an easy yes. This one Elijah got to name and care for, since Abram asked for that responsibility with Rover. Teddy was his name of choice and he showed up pretty small and fuzzy.

He and Rover seem to be getting along just fine now that they’ve learned to coexist. We’re glad to have more rodent control on the property and the children are quite smitten with this fuzzy little feline.

And I guess he is kind of cute… for a cat.