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I am wife to Stewart, mama of five, homeschooler, messy cook, and avid fermenter. This is where I tell our story... of building a sustainable off-grid homestead in a Christian agrarian community... of raising this growing family of ours... of the beauty and the hard and the joy in all of it.
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Our family is embarking on two months of frugality: less spending, more saving, more income. Feel free to join us in the challenge or simply follow along for…


Start at the beginning for the how and why of it all.

Fellow No Spenders.

See who else is joining in on no spend months.

Making preparations.

Follow along as we prepare for the shut down of all unnecessary spending.

Q & A Volume 1.

Will we have enough to eat? How will we be celebrating the holidays?

Week 1 Review.

See how this week went.

Week 2 Review.

See how this week went.

Week 3 Review.

See how this week went.

A No Spend Thanksgiving.

See how we spent a day of thanks with a $0 budget.

Week 4 Review.

See how this week went.

A two week no spend menu plan.

See how we eat for two weeks when we do not grocery shop.

Week 5 Review

See how this week went.

Week 6 Review & We Quit

Our final week is two weeks earlier than planned, but many lessons have been learned.

Conclusion & What We Learned

Many lessons were learned – both monetary and spiritual.

for never ending blessings from a loving God.

for a husband who shares my dreams, my children, my loves and my days.

for a toddler who’s imagination astounds me daily and whose energy is unbounded.

for a baby who seems to smile constantly and is mostly contented (save being hungry or tired).

for still being able to breastfeed my baby. He went on a nursing strike last week and I thought he was going to throw in the towel and just take bottles from now on. We are still nursing, despite having to supplement 75% of his calories and I couldn’t be more grateful. Tears fill my eyes as I write this.

for so much more than the basic comforts – a home that is warm and not cold, food that is nourishing and not empty, family that is loving and not distant, a life that is full of blessings and love.

What are you giving thanks for today?