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It has been awhile since we put out a video. We really would like to make more of them to document the types of things we are working on but usually we are too tired. :-) Anyway, enjoy!


Maybe it’s the new baby in the house…


or perhaps the entire month of February in which our whole family was sick.


Or, maybe we could chock it up to two full and lovely weeks of family visiting… and the car accident that kept them here a bit longer. (They were spared injury but the vehicle didn’t fare so well.)


It probably doesn’t help that since Joshua was born I’ve noticed a need to replenish my nutritional stores more than ever.


Perhaps it is this tipping point I’m feeling now that five little ones are in our care. It is a blessed kind of full I don’t think I’ve ever experienced. It’s the kind of full I’m not sure I am great at.


Like usual, it is probably a combination of all of these factors and then some that are muddling my days, leaving me a bit dazed by all of the excitement.

After the whirlwind of the past few months and the excitement of things to come, it was nice when we all gathered in the garden in the early evening last week. There were no trips to town or emails to send or checklists staring us down. Just us and a pile of soil amendments and a garden bed to prepare for summer vegetables and melons.


It’s funny how you can live and work in the same place every hour of the day and still feel like you haven’t seen each other in a while. Sometimes the dinner table and the garden are the only spaces in which we all gather together. Sometimes these are the only places in the day in which Stewart and I get a chance to catch up.

But things slow down when dirt needs to be moved and that’s the kind of slow we all could use a little more of.