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Every once in a while I think I want to publish something here and then when I dig into the archives I realize that I already have. It’s always fun to discover, and somewhat cringe-worthy to read, these old posts that still apply today. Some of these concepts and ideas literally changed my life and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity be exposed to them.

So I thought I’d republish a series on a topic that, in my personal experience, is the absolute foundation of physical health. This topic is a bit touchy and kind of makes me giggle a bit, but I’m assuming y’all feel the same way.

The series is called Digestion and Elimination and you can read those four parts here:

Please note that all of the information in this series comes from a class I attended put on by the wonderful Weston A Price foundation. My friends there shared this with me and a crowded room of others, and my only wish is to share such beneficial information with you. I am in no way a medical expert and do not wish to portray myself as one.

Feel free to leave comments here on this post or in the comments of the individual posts. Any further insight is more than welcome here!

The other day I added some extra thyme to my husband’s chicken soup to help with the chest congestion he was having. His response: "This stuff is awesome and I think it’s really helping. We need to grow it!"

I smiled and said "That jar holds the last of the dried thyme we grew up in Michigan and we have thyme seeds right over there." Maybe if we can keep the chickens and grasshoppers out of our garden those seeds might become medicine and food.

It never ceases to amaze me how powerful food-based medicine really is and how incredibly skeptical people are of it. I believe part of that is ignorance, part of it is fear, and part of it is a lack of desire to truly be responsible for your own health.

What people don’t realize is that many pharmaceuticals actually start in the herbal medicine world. Unfortunately, most of these drugs are highly refined and don’t take into account the plant as a whole and end up doing more harm than good. Man tends to try to improve upon something that can’t be improved upon and then really creates a ruckus.

That’s why I like to be prepared with some tried and true remedies for those wintertime ailments. Better yet, I like to focus on prevention through nourishment. For both cases I shared how I am preparing the herbal medicine cabinet for winter in one of my recent articles at Saving Naturally.

We may not be able to grow all of these things yet, or others that can take their place in a sustainable way, but I’m always happy to start the learning process so that we know what to do when the time comes.

What’s in your herbal medicine cabinet?