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I am watching – baby on my hip and jaw on the floor- as a house takes form. It wasn’t so long ago, you see, that such a thing was unfathomable to me.


They say you shouldn’t live in your house while it’s being built.


They say you need so many square feet per person.


They say you should have your house ready and everything in place before you have children.


But then I wouldn’t get to witness the blessing of process and the all important time together through this whole beautiful, crazy, sometimes difficult but always blessed journey we’re on. And then I might not have wondered if my husband would ever be able-bodied again, watch him slowly heal, and then have things unimaginable, such as this house, come to be… despite me and my unbelief.

And then I couldn’t have known it was all of grace, all of Him.


The last (outside) board.

It might have been easier and it would have been more comfortable, but then I wouldn’t get to watch Him provide for it, make a way for it, and then build it.  So I’ll take every blessed second of this process and marvel at this house that the Lord built. For it is only by His handiwork that such things are possible.