Spent: ~$56. This was milk & eggs for the next two weeks. We pick up our milk and eggs on Fridays and due to Thanksgiving we would not be able to get it next week so I ordered extra since I can freeze the milk and eggs keep very well in the refrigerator for weeks. I am doing much better on more protein and very few grains and will keep eating this way.

Car Mileage

We spent $12.80 on gas this week. Cold and snow has kept us at home even more and we aren’t minding it. I feel more content at home now than I did prior to having our second son, three months ago and it is making staying at home so much easier.

Other Expenses

Spent: $92

We received our quarterly trash service bill this week costing us $78.00. After realizing how little trash we are now producing we are talking about getting rid of our trash service and simply bringing what little trash we have to the drop off site when needed. Hopefully no more than every few weeks or so. I also spent $14 on some breast feeding supplies. We are still having more issues and in order to avoid my baby weaning way, way too early I purchased a couple of shields for breastfeeding. I am praying this helps us.


Total loads of laundry hung up this week: 0. I’ll be honest – with the nursing issues and everything else to do I don’t think hanging laundry is going to be a priority anytime soon. I know that by the time spring rolls around this will be much more likely since we have a clothesline and we like to be outside.

Wrapping it up

Total spent: $160.80.

All of these expenses were either expected or necessary. I am relieved that we were able to make it through this week without spending on anything besides what was needed or planned. Last week I was disappointed that we had to spend money on extra food, but I am now encouraged to keep this going and try our hardest to stay out of our bank accounts. I am finding that the amount of food we eat is about double what I originally planned for. I may make a few small purchases come December, but hopefully will keep it very minimal.

How is everyone else doing?

We begin week four.

At least it is in my neck of the woods. It’s also heading towards the weekend and I am very short on time as I prepare for a restful couple of days with family. Here is a fun little poll to see how warm everyone keeps their house at. Go ahead and vote and enjoy your weekend!

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