Breakfast: Eggs, millet, grapefruit.
Dinner: Roasted chicken, millet, green beans.
To do: bake coconut bread, soak nuts & seeds.

Breakfast: Coconut milk smoothies, coconut bread & butter.
Dinner: Vegetable Beef Soup, orange coconut cake.
To do: bake cake, dehydrate nuts/seeds, thaw chicken, thaw sausage.

Breakfast: Eggs, grapefruit, sausage.
Dinner: Taco Salad with lettuce, homemade salsa, beef, guacamole & onions.
To do: place farm order, thaw beef for hamburgers.

Breakfast: Crispy nut & seed granola with coconut milk tonic.
Dinner: Asian baked chicken, vegetable stir fry.
To do: thaw beef for meatloaf.

Breakfast: Smoothies, coconut bread.
Dinner: Hamburgers, sauteed mushrooms, butternut squash fries.
To do: bake fries, thaw chicken

Breakfast: Eggs & pancakes.
Dinner: Chicken cacciatore in crock pot, veggies, coconut milk pudding.
To do: pick up bulk farm order, mix meatloaf, make pudding.

Breakfast: Eggs & pancakes.
Dinner: Meatloaf, peas, green beans.

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