Cultured Foods You Make At Home

Make yogurt at home using a yogurt starter! Choose from starters for making dairy-free yogurt and re-usable or single-use starters.

Make delicious probiotic beverages from the comfort of your own home with kefir cultures and grains from Cultures for Health.

Starter cultures for fermenting rice, vegetables and more!

Browse our selection of starter cultures to make traditional fermented foods at home including Tempeh, Natto, Koji, Miso and more!

Ready to make sauerkraut or pickles at home? A starter culture can improve the final taste of the recipe. Check out our selection.

Get started making cheese at home with our full line of starter cultures. From mozzarella to cheddar cheese, you can do this!

Get started making amazing sourdough bread and other baked goods at home with our selection of heirloom sourdough starters.

Make the delicious fermented tea at home for a fraction of the cost. Plus get FREE access to our 56-page Learn to Make Kombucha eBook.


Get started brewing beer at home with our collection of beer equipment kits, ingredients, bottling supplies, books and more!

Shop our collection of winemaking equipment, ingredient kits, bottling supplies, books, and more to help you start making wine at home.

From equipment kits to bottling supplies to books and more tools, we have everything you need to venture into the world of cider making!


Choose from a wide selection of starter cultures for making cheese at home. Make Chevre, Feta, and more!

Shop home cheesemaking ingredients including Rennet, Citric Acid, Cheese Salt and more!

Browse our collection of supplies and books for making cheese at home.

Get started making cheese the easy way with our selection of cheesemaking starter kits! Ingredients, instructions, and recipes included!

Natural Fermentation

Shop for books and supplies for natural fermentation and culturing projects!

Start making pickles, sauerkraut, and more! Choose from high quality starter cultures and salts to make delicious fermented foods.

Shop Our fermentation crocks! Choose from a variety of sizes and styles of fermentation crocks and pots for fermenting vegetables.


Make beautiful soaps at home with our collection of shaping molds.

Adding color to your homemade soaps is simple with our selection of pigment powders.

Make soap the easy way with these bases! Simply melt and pour into a soap mold.

Customize your homemade soap's fragrance with single oils and essential oil blends!

Add powdered goat milk, oils, and other ingredients to enrich your homemade soap.

Enhance your homemade soap projects with dried flowers and herbs!

Don't forget these extra supplies and books to help you on your next soap project.

DIY Body Care

Customize the scent of your homemade body care with single oils and essential oil blends!

Mix these carrier oils with essential oils or add to other ingredients to make shampoos, lotions, and more body care products!

Make your own shampoo, body wash, lotion, massage cream and more with these easy to use unscented bases.

From clays to oils, our wide selection of ingredients will help you make natural body care products at home!

Don't forget these extra packaging supplies and books to help you make your own shampoo, scrubs, and lotions!

Make your own lotions, salves, and more with our selection of butters and waxes.

Enhance your homemade body care products with dried herbs, flowers, and other botanicals!

Essential Oils

Browse our selection of single essential oils. Use individually or combine to make your own custom blends.

An easy way to get started with essential oils! Diffuse these pre-made blends in your home or add to homemade soap or body care products.

Start diffusing essential oils in your home with our selection of high quality diffusers.

Check out our collection of carrier oils for diluting and creating your own essential oil blends.

Get started working with essential oils with our selection of books and supplies!


Choose from our wide variety of organic sprouting seeds: alfalfa, broccoli, and more!

Start growing healthful sprouts at home with our selection of sprouting supplies and books.

Grow your own wheatgrass at home with wheatgrass supplies and kits!

Get started with sprouting the easy way with our collection of starter kits!


Strainer sets, tea bags, thermometers and other supplies for working with cultured and fermented foods

Wide selection of Organic Teas for making Kombucha or enjoying on their own