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I am feeling, once again, burnt out. I don’t seem to have the time to work on all of the things I want/need to. When I am feeling overwhelmed I know that the one thing that can help is simplification. That’s why this week’s menu will be the simplest of menus, while still nourishing for our family. I am continuing to cut back on grains until I find a good balance of carbohydrates for my body. I think I can eat about 1 serving of non-glutenous grains/day, preferably later in the day. I have also been baking with coconut flour and that seems to be helping a lot.

Here’s our menu for the week.

Breakfast: Eggs, yogurt w/ applesauce.
Dinner: Crock pot pinto bean bowls.
To do: thaw bacon, soak porridge before bed, make yogurt, bake.

Breakfast: Breakfast rice, coconut flour bread.
Dinner: Eggs, bacon, coconut pancakes, applesauce.
To do: start porridge in crock pot before bed, thaw chicken, soak millet, bake.

Breakfast: Crock pot porridge.
Dinner: Baked chicken, basic millet, braised cabbage.
To do: order milk & eggs.

Breakfast: yogurt, applesauce, sunflower seeds.
Dinner: Crock pot beans & rice.
To do: defrost beef soup bones

Breakfast: leftover porridge, eggs.
Dinner: Pasta with bacon, peas and pecorino romano.
To do: roast soup bones, start stock before bed.

Breakfast: Coconut pancakes with peanut butter
Dinner: Crock pot beef and barley soup, roasted butternut squash.
To do: Prep squash pudding before bed.

Breakfast: Butternut squash pudding.
Dinner: Crock pot beef roast.


Most people have had pumpkin seeds. If you buy a whole pumpkin to cook for the flesh, then you also can roast the seeds and eat them. Did you know you can do the same thing with butternut squash? I am assuming you can do it for any squash, but butternut is the only kind that we have on hand and so the only squash I have tried it with.

This is a great way to stretch your squash even further as well as get some great flavor and nutrition. There are probably many ways to do this, but I will simply give you the method that I used. It is much more so a method than a recipe

Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds

Butternut squash
1-2 teaspoons olive oil
pinch of salt

When you are cutting up your whole squash simply remove the seeds from the pulp and set them aside in a bowl. This takes a bit of time and patience, but it was fun to do with my toddler. When you are ready to deal with them (that same day) rinse them in a sieve or colander. Lay the seeds out on a sheet pan in a single layer. They will be pretty sticky so do the best that you can. Then leave them to dry overnight on the sheet pan. You can cover the pan with a towel, but don’t let it touch the seeds otherwise the seeds will stick to it. The next day, when the seeds seem pretty dry, drizzle the olive oil over the seeds and sprinkle with salt. Roast them in a 250 degree oven for about an hour until golden and crunchy. You could also dehydrate them if you wanted to eat them raw.