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Here’s a quick tip for those of you who use parchment paper for baking. I am hoping to phase out my use of parchment paper when we run out, but until then I am trying to make the most of it. If you are baking two different items that require a sheet pan, simply flip the parchment paper over after the first item is done baking and you will have a clean, nonstick surface. I used parchment paper for baking granola last week and then flipped it over to bake some coconut flour gingerbread cookies. It worked wonderfully.

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Our meals certainly don’t seem meager despite not going to the grocery store. A few things I wish I had bought more of in preparation for NSM (no spend months):

I didn’t realize how much fresh fruit we ate as a family, or cheese for that matter. I usually buy raw cheese, so eating it cold as a snack or shredded on top of beans, soups, etc. is perfect for us. I am rationing both fruit and cheese thus far and so am doing a lot more baking for snacks. I am trying to cut way back on my grain consumption (i.e. 1 serving a day or so), so I am very thankful for the coconut flour we have on hand. I will share some recipes for cranberry-walnut muffins and other yummy coconut flour baked goods.

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Breakfast: Eggs, yogurt w/ jam.
Dinner: Beans, beef & rice.
To do: bake muffins, thaw chicken.

Breakfast: Porridge, muffins.
Dinner: Baked chicken, roasted butternut squash, cabbage salad.
To do: soak porridge before bed, mix up squash pudding, soak almonds for crispy nuts, soak SF seeds for sprouts.

Breakfast: Eggs, squash pudding.
Dinner: Beef & bean chili, muffins, cabbage salad.
To do: start porridge in crock pot before bed

Breakfast: Overnight crock pot porridge
Dinner: Root vegetable cobbler with chicken and millet dumplings.
To do: blend batter for bread and soak beans.

Breakfast: leftover porridge, eggs.
Dinner: Italian bean pot, blender batter oatmeal bread.
To do: soak millet, thaw chicken, make yogurt in crock pot.

Breakfast: Eggs, bread
Dinner: Crock pot beans with vegetables and millet.
To do: prep crock pot for chicken & quinoa.

Breakfast: Breakfast millet.
Dinner: Chicken & quinoa.

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