I never actually consider that someone is reading my blog until comments come along, or in this case, I am given a ‘blog award’. DeeDee was generous enough to give me a kreativ blogger award. Thank you, DeeDee. Being short on time, but always needing to cultivate thankfulness, I will state six things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for…

  1. A two-year old who makes me smile and laugh every day. He sees snow outside and automatically asks to put on his hat and ‘loves’ (gloves). He then wears that hat all morning until he wants to listen to the radio. Then the hat must come off. I love that he is learning to ask for help instead of whining, loves to show me his fire truck jammies and wants to show his baby brother all of his toys. I especially enjoy it when he asks to snuggle in the bed with me. Nothing beats that smile and those big blue eyes staring back at mine as he places his head right next to mine on the pillow.
  2. A big fat chubby baby. Having a too-skinny baby the first time around really makes me love those wrist, neck and ankle rolls. His big brother likes to say ‘he’s a little pudge’ and ‘baby is a chubster’.
  3. An unwavering, loving, amazing husband. He gets up early in order to go to work early so he can get home in time to help me with the crazy evening hours. He gives me breaks on the weekend so that I can enjoy a bit of silence and have time for spiritual refreshment. He is such a blessing and reminds me of Christ’s love daily.
  4. The opportunity to remind myself of all of those things I have to be thankful for. After feeling burnt out this weekend and grumpy this morning, I needed a wake up call. I have so much but deserve none of it.
  5. The fact that being debt free is in sight. All of this debt comes from me. I had a much different vision of my life when I took on these loans in college. My life is a world away from where I thought it would be and yet I couldn’t be more grateful, happy and content. I have only held infrequent employment, contributing very little to the family finances since we were married 3 1/2 years ago. My husband has worked tirelessly in his 40+ hour job as well as side jobs in order to pay this debt off and secure the funds for a future home. I will cry tears of joy when this burden is lifted from him.
  6. Silence. It doesn’t generally last long around here, but I treasure it when it comes. I used to be the kind of person who needed background music or noise on all the time. Now when the boys are sleeping I want absolute still silence.

What are you grateful for?

This post is part of Laura’s Gratituesday.

Our meals certainly don’t seem meager despite not going to the grocery store. A few things I wish I had bought more of in preparation for NSM (no spend months):

I didn’t realize how much fresh fruit we ate as a family, or cheese for that matter. I usually buy raw cheese, so eating it cold as a snack or shredded on top of beans, soups, etc. is perfect for us. I am rationing both fruit and cheese thus far and so am doing a lot more baking for snacks. I am trying to cut way back on my grain consumption (i.e. 1 serving a day or so), so I am very thankful for the coconut flour we have on hand. I will share some recipes for cranberry-walnut muffins and other yummy coconut flour baked goods.

Here’s what we’re eating this week:

Breakfast: Eggs, yogurt w/ jam.
Dinner: Beans, beef & rice.
To do: bake muffins, thaw chicken.

Breakfast: Porridge, muffins.
Dinner: Baked chicken, roasted butternut squash, cabbage salad.
To do: soak porridge before bed, mix up squash pudding, soak almonds for crispy nuts, soak SF seeds for sprouts.

Breakfast: Eggs, squash pudding.
Dinner: Beef & bean chili, muffins, cabbage salad.
To do: start porridge in crock pot before bed

Breakfast: Overnight crock pot porridge
Dinner: Root vegetable cobbler with chicken and millet dumplings.
To do: blend batter for bread and soak beans.

Breakfast: leftover porridge, eggs.
Dinner: Italian bean pot, blender batter oatmeal bread.
To do: soak millet, thaw chicken, make yogurt in crock pot.

Breakfast: Eggs, bread
Dinner: Crock pot beans with vegetables and millet.
To do: prep crock pot for chicken & quinoa.

Breakfast: Breakfast millet.
Dinner: Chicken & quinoa.

For more menus visit Laura.