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I loved finding out what temperature y’all keep your homes at in the winter in my last poll. Let me share the results with you.

At what temperature do you keep your home?

  • 69-71 26% (7 votes)
  • 66-68 26% (7 votes)
  • 72 or higher 19% (5 votes)
  • 63-65 19% (5 votes)
  • 62 or less 11% (3 votes)

Total Votes: 27

So, the majority of you keep your homes at between 66 & 71 degrees. In case you’re wondering I, apparently, fall into the minority on this one. We keep our living room and toddler’s room at 64. We don’t heat our bedroom, so that is anywhere from a chilly 55 to 62 or so in the winter. There are a lot of blankets and sweaters around our home :).

Moving onto my next topic that I am pondering… food budgeting. Because of my experience with our no spend months I am re-evaluating how much of our monthly budget should go towards food. We could spend a lot less on food, I’m sure, but we also aren’t willing to compromise on health. Did anyone else LOVE Michele’s post about their real food grocery budget? It was really thorough and helps me realize that their are others out there who think about their food budget in the way that I do.

Since everyone’s income is different it is helpful to know what percentage of the budget goes to food. That way a comparison can be made, regardless of asking the inappropriate question of “How much money do you make?”

So I, or rather my husband, calculated out the percentage of our monthly budget that we spend on food. Currently we have been spending 16.4% of our monthly budget on food. After December is over I am considering lowering that to 14.6% of our monthly budget. But now I am curious as to what my readers’ (both of you – ha! get it?) food budgets are.

Here is how you calculate your monthly food budget percentage.

Divide the amount of money you spend on food every month by your monthly income. This will give you a decimal number, like .164. Multiply that by 100 and it will give you the percentage of your monthly income you spend on food, in my case 16.4%.

Here is the formula (this brings back horrifying memories of hours spent writing lab reports):

(dollars spent on food/monthly income)*100 = % of monthly budget spent on food

So, today’s poll is:

What percentage of your monthly income do you spend on food (groceries + eating out)?

If you could kindly leave your answers in the comments I will post the results next week and bust out my calculator (or ask my husband) and find out the averages.

Seeing as how this month is the 2nd (and last) of our no spend months and the month of our pantry challenge I planned out two weeks worth of menus, which will eventually evolve into a month long menu plan. This was a must-do in order to make our food supply stretch through the month.

For this first week we have spent $0.

Next week I will be posting an inventory of our pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

Check out the Nourished Kitchen for more bloggers who are participating in the December pantry challenge.