Dinner: Cassoulet, Autumn millet bake

Breakfast: Millet Porridge with sunflower seeds.
To do: thaw beef, soak grains for overnight crock pot porridge.

Breakfast: Yogurt + nuts/seeds + jam/raisins.
Dinner: Beef Roast, roasted butternut squash, green beans
To do: soak beans, roast squash, grind & soak flour for bread, thaw cheese, start porridge in crock pot

Breakfast: Overnight crock pot porridge
Dinner: Chili + bread
To do: chop extra veggies for tomorrow’s soup, soak beans for soup, bake bread

Breakfast: Fried porridge cakes + yogurt cheese
Dinner: Peasant soup, leftover bread
To do: soak flour for tamale pie

Breakfast: Eggs, yogurt + jam + nuts/seeds
Dinner: Tamale Pie (using leftover chili)
To do: prepare chicken & quinoa for Saturday

Saturday: Chicken & quinoa or leftovers

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What is more lovely than a warm drink in your hands as the weather turns cool? I am starting to enjoy warm drinks all day long. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it is a great replacement for cool water because it leaves you feeling warmer. Which means you can turn that thermostat down.

I really enjoy coffee. Really. I don’t drink it all that often, however, for two reasons:

1: My husband doesn’t drink it, therefore we have no coffee maker or French press.

2: It’s not all that great for me since I am working on healing my thyroid.

So I enjoy it every once in a while, but certainly not daily or even weekly. A great coffee substitute is freeze-dried dandelion coffee. Sounds crazy, but it is good and really does taste like coffee. I enjoy Dandy Blend.

The drinks I am enjoying right now include:

  • Mornings: Trader Joe’s blueberry green tea sweetened with stevia.
  • Noon: A big mug full of dandy blend coffee, sweetened with stevia and raw cream or milk stirred in.
  • Evening: Trader Joe’s blackberry herbal tea. So delicious with some stevia.

Our toddler also enjoys tea. Whenever I make some he asks for his “own” tea. He drinks herbal teas with me and even enjoys sips of my dandy blend coffee.

This is a fantastic way to get healing herbs into your toddlers body. Our son will drink pretty much any tea as long as their is a little peppermint added for flavor. We just brew a half mug of tea with the herbs, strain the herbs, and then fill the rest of the mug with cool water. He will seriously down an entire mug in just a few minutes.

If you do allow your toddler to drink a whole mug of tea, do not then take him out for errands leaving the diaper bag at home. He will completely soak his pants before you even get to the grocery store. Ask me how I know.