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  1. maranatha says:

    I’m very new to country living, all of three months, and I was just wondering how you do your baking “off grid”? Do you use a clay oven? Is this done somehow with the wood stove? Thank you.


    Shannon Reply:

    Maranatha – We currently use the propane oven in our camper for baking, until we can make a solar oven. Long-term it is our goal to cook with a solar oven or, for quick-cook things like eggs, a small rocket stove that uses very little fuel.


  2. karen churchill-hairston says:

    I almost died when my oven went out last year and I had to wait 4months because we werein the middle of a renovation… & we weren’t ready to replace oven yet…You made me look at the gas and electric billlls….. this is reallllly crazy…. (Is your baby a boy or girl- he’s reallly a pretty baby— but only for a minute and he will be a big boy…. the older children make him grow up tooo quickly…he will will himself to grow up)and the truth is, no matter how much we get…. we are stilll not all that happy….


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