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I frequently receive a newsletter from Dr. Mercola in my inbox. Sometimes it seems pertinent to nourishing my family and other times not so much. This particular headline grabbed my attention: 7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat. The following comes from a new book by Drs Michael & Mary Eades: The 6-week cure for the middle-aged middle. I have yet to read the book, but am interested, considering their 7 reasons to eat more saturated fat:

1) Improved cardiovascular risk factors. Saturated fat plays a key role in cardiovascular health. The addition of saturated fat to the diet reduces the levels of a substance called lipoprotein (a) that correlates strongly with risk for heart disease. Research has shown that when women diet, those eating the greatest percentage of the total fat in their diets as saturated fat, lose the most weight.

2) Stronger bones. Saturated fat is required for calcium to be effectively incorporated into bone. According to one of the foremost research experts in dietary fats and human health, Dr. Mary Enig, Ph.D., there’s a case to be made for having as much as 50 percent of the fats in your diet as saturated fats for this reason.

3) Improved liver health. Saturated fat has been shown to protect the liver from alcohol and medications, including acetaminophen and other drugs commonly used for pain and arthritis.

4) Healthy lungs. For proper function, the airspaces of the lungs have to be coated with a thin layer of lung surfactant. The fat content of lung surfactant is 100 percent saturated fatty acids. Replacement of these critical fats by other types of fat makes faulty surfactant and potentially causes breathing difficulties.

5) Healthy brain. Your brain is mainly made of fat and cholesterol. The lion’s share of the fatty acids in the brain are actually saturated. A diet that skimps on healthy saturated fats robs your brain of the raw materials it needs to function optimally.

6) Proper nerve signaling. Certain saturated fats, particularly those found in butter, lard, coconut oil, and palm oil, function directly as signaling messengers that influence metabolism, including such critical jobs as the appropriate release of insulin.

7) Strong immune system. Saturated fats found in butter and coconut oil (myristic acid and lauric acid) play key roles in immune health. Loss of sufficient saturated fatty acids in white blood cells hampers their ability to recognize and destroy foreign invaders, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

One More Reason to Eat Saturated Fat

Their is some research out there saying that you need saturated fat to help you absorb fish oils and cod liver oil. Researchers found that the saturated fat and the x-factor in butter helped you absorb the vitamins and essential fatty acids in cod liver oil. Makers of cod liver oil have recognized this and now make a combination cod liver oil and high butter oil supplement which you can find here.

Sources of Saturated Fat

A few years ago I was scared of saturated fat and we probably were not getting enough of it in our diet. Today is another story. We eat lots of the following:

How about you… do you need another reason to eat more saturated fats? Are you still getting over the myth that saturated fat is bad for you?

This post is a contribution to Fight Back Fridays.


42 Responses to Dr. Eades on 7 Reasons to Eat More Saturated Fat

  1. We both eat a fair amount of saturated fat. I know that both of us could be eating more, but we just can’t afford anymore good quality fat at the moment. As soon as it’s possible, we will definitely be eating more!

    Thanks for another great post!


  2. Love your post. I’ll link to it soon. :)

    Beware quoting from Dr. Mercola, though. Last I did, they contacted me and said I “had” to provide a picture ad/link to them in my post whenever quoting from his site. I removed the quote instead and haven’t mentioned him on my blog since. (Don’t even read him anymore.)

    (I wrote about it here:



  3. Great post, Shannon! I’m all for more butter and cheese!

    Kelly – that’s loony about Mercola! His site is so spammy that I never go there anymore. It’s frustrating that there’s a pop-up ad on EVERY article and you have to register to read anything.


  4. Thanks for posting this, Shannon! It’s so contrary to what we’ve been taught all of our lives, the more exposure to this truth the better. We’re so blessed to get raw milk from our goats and a lot of fat to be able to render into lard whenever we have one of our pigs butchered. I have coconut oil, I just need to use it more often. Thanks again!



  5. Deanna says:

    I agree! I eat lots of coconut oil which has really helped my hypothyroidism. It’s kept me off any meds.


  6. Mr S says:

    I like saturated fat… :-) I think we are going to need a milk cow or the ability to trade with someone for lots of grass fed butter someday.


  7. this is a fabulous article. good work! we’re loving the return to saturated fats. :-)


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  9. Eliza Welch says:

    What a great information.

    I really enjoyed looking around your blog and would absolutely love it if you would stop by my new blog!
    Eliza’s Blog


  10. Brandi says:

    This looks interesting! I will have to check it out some more! Happy TT!


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  13. Ryan says:

    I am an athlete and bodybuilder and eat a plant based diet where I get my saturated fats from coconut oil, avacados, cashews, pastachios, and other oils. As an athlete small chain saturated fats are important for my performance.


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  17. Jamie says:

    Wait Ryan. Can’t help but notice.. Are you an athlete


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  36. Everything is very open with a very clear clarification of the challenges.
    It was truly informative. Your site is useful.
    Thank you for sharing!


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  38. Shannon says:

    Susan – What a blessing to have your own goats. Hopefully we’ll get to meet them someday ;) .


  39. Shannon says:

    Kelly – thanks for the heads up!


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