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She has always had an easy way with animals. She doesn’t spook easily, unless Abby the goat is nearby, but then again that goat frightens me and I’m not three feet tall. Overall, she has always taken well to animals and they have, in turn, taken well to her.


ruthokra3 ruthokra2

Her personality reminds me of a delicate feather caught up by a breeze. To be sure, she is stubborn as all get out and fraught with many of her Mama’s worst tendencies. But she’s also pretty much a bag of sunshine and cheer 90% of the time and as such, a great companion for admiring the okra blossoms.

“Aww, they’re so pretty, Mama,” she says, her voice sounding like it, too, was taken up by a breeze.

Yes they are baby, yes they are.

These cucumbers have slowed down but continue to produce a few every couple of days so I am loathe to cut ’em down and manure them. I can’t believe how productive they have been; remind me next year.


Not much of what we’ve planted in June through August works but okra is never happier than on these triple digit days. Remind me of that next year.

julygardencowpeas1 julygardencowpeas2

How do I always forget how wonderful black-eyed peas are? They produce a lot of delicious beans, need very little water, and are by far easier to find and pick than bush beans. Also, they don’t just tolerate the heat – they love it! Planting four times as much would not be too many; remind me next year.

julygardenpumpkins2 julygardenpumpkins1

Oh, these pumpkins. Some are orange and taking up counter space, others are plump and green on the vine, and still others are just forming. And this, in some of the worst soil we have. A field would not be too much of these easy-growing calories; remind me next year.

And is late July too early to be ordering seeds for the fall garden? I hope not because they are on their way. But if so, remind me next year.