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mabel-haymabel-stan-face mabel

We got a family milk cow.

This is one of those things we’d discussed for years and then the Lord just made a way and suddenly we have a Brown Swiss cross and her brand new calf in our pasture. I know it wasn’t sudden but for some reason I keep things permanently in the “maybe someday” category long after someday arrives. So I’m still adjusting, you might say, but so is she. Two days before she was to be delivered to our pasture, she delivered her calf unexpectedly early. As you can imagine, we are all trying to get to know one another.

Our intention, if the Lord wills, is to begin milking Mabel in the near future and to keep Stan – a Brahma cross – for meat. Both the cow and the milk prospects have the children (and I) all in a tizzy.

So, meet Mabel and her calf Stanley! We are so grateful to have them both here.



Y’all, there are pears on our pear tree. They are small and five in number but they are real live pears.


And we ended up butchering one of the wild hogs when he decided to make a run for it. So we only have this lady left but she seems to be living happily alongside some of our younger chickens.

june-garden-annie junegardenabramhay
One evening I needed to water but didn’t have time to weed before the sun went down. The boys, ever confident in the idea that these things can be done, decided to turn weeding the garden for Mama into making hay. So, barefoot and encouraged they took to those weeds. After spreading and drying they were happy to find that the goats were probably more thrilled with their idea than they were.

Oh the lessons these children can teach me…

joshruthie bigbrother2 big-brother

…about possibility and love and certainly riding the mesquite tree horsey.

One evening I was surrounded by our little ones, finishing up in the garden, listening to Stewart patch up the chicken coop as the sun went down. It was a day hotter than most and doubtless there were squabbles between the children and probably one too many moments of me asking Joshie to not crush Mama’s green bean plants, please honey.

And watch out for the chicken poop…


…and then Stewart walked past the garden and said “Did you see that sky?“.