Today’s real food journal comes from Lindsay of the popular blog Passionate Homemaking. Here is a little bit about today’s real food lover:

Lindsay finds great pleasure in pursuing all things natural and simple with purposeful intentionality. She is a wife, mother of two little ones, and homemaker. She delights in making her home a haven for the glory of God. She blogs at Passionate Homemaking, where she strives to bless others with tips on natural living on a budget, but also offering biblical encouragement for women in their role.


Breakfast: Soaked Oatmeal- topped with raw honey, raw milk & coconut milk, coconut oil, ground flax seeds, raisins, and apples

Lunch: Ham & Cheese Sandwiches – raw cheddar, sprouted bread, with apples & peanut butter

Snack: Hummus & whole wheat pita bread

Dinner: Garden Chowder


Breakfast: Green Smoothieswith spinach, milk kefir, bananas, strawberries, peaches, and blueberries (all picked last summer and frozen), flax seeds, coconut oil & stevia. 2 pastured eggs cooked in butter.

Lunch: Leftover Garden Chowder from previous night, toasted sprouted bread w/grass-fed butter, oranges

Snack: Protein Bar

Dinner: Wild Salmon, potato wedges, green salad (romaine, cucumber, carrots, sunflower seeds, mushrooms) topped with oil & vinegar


Breakfast: Soaked Pancakes with millet, brown rice, coconut oil, pastured egg, and milk kefir. Topped with real maple syrup & organic peanut butter. Served with grapefruit.

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwiches – pastured eggs, mayonnaise, seasonings, sprouted bread, lettuce, oranges

Dinner: Pizza – Homemade soaked pizza dough with all the supreme toppings, spinach salad (spinach, apples, pears, raisins, pecans) topped with lemon poppyseed dressing.


Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing your food journal.

How do you do real food? If you are interested in sharing your Real Food Journal please contact me. I’d be glad to hear from you.


9 Responses to What Real Food Bloggers Really Eat: Lindsay of Passionate Homemaking

  1. pam says:

    That all sounds really good!


  2. Stacy says:

    I enjoyed reading this! It’s fun to see what real food bloggers eat in real life.
    Lindsay has an excellent blog too.
    I’m new here..but plan to be back…adding your blog to my rss now :)


  3. [...] The article also made me hungry for home made pizza! You can see Lindsays food journal at the Nourishing Days [...]

  4. Hi Shannon, I loved this post and I gave it some link love at my Thoughts on Friday here:

    It helps my middle of the road readers see what real food eating is all about!


  5. Yum! Sounds like a delicious week, Lindsay! :)


  6. Michelle says:

    Sounds good, except for one thing ~ ham is not real {fit for human consumption} food!


    Shannon Reply:

    Michelle – Could you elaborate?


    Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home Reply:

    I assume that she means because ham is not a kosher, or clean, food. Pork is a source of toxins, dangerous bacteria, etc. It can be “clean raised”, and many people will not touch conventional ham, but they do eat it if they can get it clean.

    Personally, we steer clear of pork in our family, because of the Biblical laws against eating it (though we do occasionally eat it when offered to us at someone’s home). We realize that we are no longer under the law, but we trust that God has a reason that he tells his people not to eat pigs. There have been many studies that do show dangers of eating pork.

    Anyways… love this series, Shannon! It’s nice to see the variations in how we all eat just a little bit differently, but the principles are the same. :)


    Shannon Reply:

    Stephanie – I kind of was thinking the same thing. Pork is a tricky thing for us. If I eat conventional pork I feel nauseous almost immediately.

    We have been buying small amounts of pastured pork in the form of bacon, lard, and the very rare roast or steak. It doesn’t make me feel ill like the conventional stuff does.

    We have talked about your points about unclean meats. I definitely think you have some valid points to ponder. Thanks for commenting!

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