I kind of laugh on the inside when I read about how other women just can’t seem to put down the to-do list and enjoy the moment. Not me. I have no problem dropping that to-do list like a bad habit… if I’ve made a to-do list at all.

I am not task oriented. I am not driven and focused. I am not organized.

I am, however, highly interested in relationships and "the journey". And I haven’t quite figured out how this personality type aids my position as homemaker, homeschooling mama, and head of the kitchen.

My inability to stay focused on the tasks at hand leads to the inevitable…

  • Piles of laundry in every form: dirty, clean and unfolded, and clean and folded. At least there’s variety, right?
  • Projects that never quite get finished. Like that picture I’ve been "working on hanging up" for several months or the preschool curriculum I am putting off until the last minute.
  • Complete lack of a coherent schedule. We mostly float from one chore or project to the next during the day, depending on how things are going. I call it an "organic scheduling", but really it is unorganized chaos.
  • Multitasking of the worst kind. You know, the kind that means only one of the things I am doing will be done right or get done at all.

What makes my flexible, hippy ways even more disastrous is the fact that my husband is highly task-oriented. He is really good at honing in on what needs to be done and has tunnel vision until that task is done just right.

Watching him must be like when native people see outsiders for the first time: a completely foreign way of doing things that is nothing less than PBS-documentary fascinating.

And while I know I will never be a task-oriented person, I do need to try to find balance. There has to be a balance between accepting your God-given personality and having the discipline to not indulge it at every turn, right?

Otherwise my family may never find clean underwear again.

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