This post has been on my heart and in my head for quite some time now. I have always found writing to be therapeutic and much easier than my socially awkward face-to-face communication style. So shortly after I got married I started blogging on a whim, and as a hobby.

Then I had a baby and it changed the way I looked at the world.

I began to learn about real foods, cooking, natural homemaking, and sustainability the way God intended. And so I shared these things on my blog. That was four years and three blogging platforms ago.

Over these years I have felt my way into what this blog is today: A collection of the things that I wish I had known five years ago and a space where I can explore the old paths.

I want to be transparent in saying that this blog has also become a source of income for our family. I am thankful to have found companies and products to promote that align with our desire for a simpler, more nourished life. These companies are in the ads to your right and on the resources page, they are in the giveaways and reviews I share with you, and can be seen in various affiliate links within posts.

I am trying to balance a desire for a life of simplicity and nonconsumerism with the promotion of resources that could be useful and nourishing in such a life.

I will not say that the monetary support from sponsors allows me to keep blogging. Without sponsors I would continue to blog, if the Lord willed. The dozens and dozens of emails that I have received from broken-hearted breastfeeding moms with stories far too similar to my own are enough reason to research and share as I do here.

I have cried with them. I have learned from you. And I know that I have gotten more from your words than you could ever get from mine.

So, I wanted to say thank you… for supporting this space and the sponsors who’ve joined us.