Yesterday we tucked in the summer garden and while we are making attempts at a winter garden, sprouting has begun in full force around here. I like to keep up a routine of starting sprouts once or twice per week during the winter so that we can have fresh salads and delicious enzymes.

If you have a quart jar with a canning ring all you need is a sprouting screen, some sprouting seeds, and some know how. I am over at Simple Bites today sharing my simple sprouting routine. Won’t you come over and join me?


4 Responses to My Simple Sprouting Routine: Grow Food In Your Kitchen

  1. Hi! I’m so glad to find your post today! I’ve been wanting to get back into sprouting, and have been sad that gardening days are almost gone. It makes so much sense to get back into sprouting in the wintertime! Thanks for that epiphany. lol
    I’m working on too many things this month, I’ll have to have this as a goal for december.


  2. Kathy says:

    I’m trying to follow the link to your post at, but I’m getting a server error. If that continues, would you consider reposting here? I’d love to read about your sprouting routine.

    Thanks! Kathy


  3. kim says:

    I sprout a lot of seeds and beans as well, but sometimes I get lazy and buy them from my nearby health store. :) I agree that it’s quite easy and add a great crunchy to a good ol’ salad.


  4. amanda kaake says:

    I have a question on sprouting seeds. I got a sprouting mix quite awhile ago. It’s now outdated by about a year. Are they still ok to sprout?


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