My refrigerator and freezer are bursting at the seams. Our "root cellar" contains way too many turnips and potatoes. Our pantry is full of onions, garlic, canned tomatoes, dehydrated fruits and vegetables of all varieties, dried beans and grains, spices, seasonings, and lots of coconut oil. Nothing will be added to these stocks until February.

Two years ago we embarked on a two month no-spend challenge. We ended it after six weeks due to poor planning by me and the need for some more nutrient dense food stores.

This year I have planned, made lists, squirreled away, and prepared for a two month food shopping hiatus. The only foods to be purchased in December and January will be raw milk and eggs from our local farmer since I simply don’t have the space to store these long term.

A few reasons we’re doing this…

  • Eating Seasonally. While we are not yet growing enough food to be self-sufficient I do want us to experience both the plenty and the scarcity that comes with eating seasonally. Our vegetables will come in the form of stored roots and alliums; kale, spinach, and lettuce from our hoop house; and dehydrated and fermented vegetables that I worked on over the summer. I am hoping this prepares us for a future of eating only that which we can grown and raise ourselves.
  • Avoiding This Crazy Time of Year. Now that Thanksgiving is behind us going into any shopping facility is a nightmare. All we see are christmas items and the promotion of consumerism and indulgence. Since we do not celebrate this holiday we find it much more peaceful to avoid even the local health food stores this time of year.
  • Checking Our Own Consumerism. I admit, there was a twinge of disappointment when I finished the last of the shopping preparations this week. That alone tells me that I need a break from my biweekly list-making and grocery store going. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with picking up toilet paper, soap, good butter, and a few more essentials. And while it is okay for me to enjoy this part of my job, I think taking some time off can help me evaluate whether I am doing it out of service and with a thankful heart… or not.

So, we’re nestling into the winter season while focusing on our new homeschooling adventure, enjoying this week’s celebration of light, and bringing peace and order back into our home after a long and chaotic season of growing and preserving. Anyone want to join in?

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