I almost never know how to write titles for a post like this. Yeah, I could look like a super-professional, knowledgeable blogger and kitchen-dweller with a title like "How to Make Juice With Your Blender," but the words "how to" seem to imply some sort of long-term experience.

The truth is last week I wanted to make juice. I don’t have a juicer and don’t want to spend the money on it so I thought "Why not give it a whirl in the blender?". Suddenly I’m sharing my "experience" with a thousand of my closest friends.

Yep, super professional… that’s me.

The truth is I have never actually made fresh juice before and my one memory of fresh vegetable juice was back in my less-than-health-minded college days when I went home to visit my Dad. I dragged myself out of bed at the crack of dawn (aka 10 a.m.), stumbled to the kitchen, and had the following exchange with my Dad:

  • Dad: "Here, have some juice!"
  • Me: "It’s green."
  • Dad: "It’s good for you."

(I take a sip.)

  • Me: (horrified) "It tastes like broccoli!"
  • Dad: "It’s broccoli juice."

(I hand back the glass and stumble to the refrigerator for the much tastier pasteurized, enzyme-free, glass of fructose called orange juice.)

So, yeah, a few things have transpired since I was 20. Things like eight years, two babies, and all of the emotional and (ahem) physical changes that go with that process. Let’s just say fructose is not kind to the "battle scars" one receives in bearing children.

And by battle scars I mean the fact that my belly never went back to where it started. I’m still only talking to my closest friends, right?

Last week I made green juice and I liked it. I didn’t buy a juicer because I already had a fairly nice blender that I won in one of those really fun blog-giveaway contests. (Thanks, Ricki!)

Here’s How I Did It

  1. Place 1-2 cups of water in the blender. One cup should result in enough juice for two people.
  2. Chop vegetables fine, like you’re making a soup. So celery, carrots, cucumbers, hard fruits etc. should all be diced. Greens should be roughly chopped.
  3. Add 1 cup of chopped vegetables to blender. Blend on low for 10 seconds and then on high for an additional 10 seconds, adjusting for your blender.
  4. Add more vegetables, blending between batches, until you have a smoothie-like consistency like the green delight you see in the above photo.
  5. Place a tea towel over a strainer or a narrow, deep bowl. Now pour enough of the blender-mixture into the towel that will allow you to pull up all four corners of the towel around the pulp.
  6. Pull up the four corners of the towel and allow it to drip for a couple of minutes before beginning to twist the handle of the towel and squeeze out the remaining juice. Keep squeezing until the pulp is as dry as possible. This will take a few minutes and some elbow grease. Place pulp in compost.
  7. Repeat with remaining blender-mixture. Voila, you have watered-down fresh vegetable juice!

Have you tried making fresh juice? What’s your favorite combination?