We’ve had a stretch of wintry days here and it’s been a lovely time of cozying in.


The boys have delighted in the morning frost, freezing rain, and ice treasures.


There have been a host of simple meals made on the wood stove.


School books have flown freely with little boys filling their minds with information and questions alike.


Of course the warm tea to fill bellies is always a plus. And so are those rubber band wrists.


A rooster made his way to the chopping block to become a couple of wonderful meals. And those sweet potatoes have been eaten every single day.


And one little lady has watched the digging and the concrete and the construction underway here. More on that soon.

Here’s wishing you and yours a cozy and blessed Thanksgiving.


5 Responses to Cozied In

  1. maggi says:

    please tell me what soup that is in the picture. it looks absolutely delicious!!


  2. James Boggs says:

    loved the thanksgiving and cozy weather sections. Praying for all of you and hoping Stewart is regaining his stamina.

    I wish I could sit down to a meal with all of you. I moved to Wisconsin this week and start a new job with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation in Waukesha Monday, Dec. 2, 2013.

    prayers are appreciated.

    With love,


  3. Pat says:

    What glorious ginger hair! We don’t celebrate thanksgiving but I did make the coconut flour pancakes I found on here – which were delicious! Are you on Instagram? Would love to follow you and tag you in the pic if so


  4. I have to tell you, there’s times Annabelle looks hauntingly like some of my own baby pictures. :) Have you ever tried slicing the roasted sweet potatoes and frying them in some leftover bacon or sausage grease till they start to brown around the edges? Oh my, it’s good!


    Shannon Reply:

    Judy – Well, if she can take after you rather than me, all the better. :) Yes, we have tried frying them like that and boy are they yummy! Anytime we can combine pork fat and sweet potatoes we’ve never been disappointed.


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