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Wise Choice Market 2.0


Real Food.  Real Fun.

Last week Nourishing Days Design helped roll out the new Wise Choice Market website.  It is fun to work on a site with great videos, excellent images, and that sells products I would definitely eat because they are actually healthy!  It is rare to find companies that care so much about the quality of the ingredients.  Also, Simon, the owner of Wise Choice Market, is a really nice guy to work with.  If you are not familiar with Wise Choice Market this YouTube video will give you a good idea of who they are:


From e-Book to Website

Simon originally contacted us to help with an e-Book (You CAN Stop Gum Disease) he was putting together to give away on his website.  He had heard of our work on e-Books for Cultures for Health.  Some time passed and then he contacted us again about the possibility of redesigning his website to fit with some awesome product videos made by another company.  So over the course of about two weeks we designed (and redesigned) mockup after mockup until we zeroed in on a design he wanted.  Then after a week or two of coding and testing we released the new design last Friday.

So check out the free e-Book, new site, videos, and products at Wise Choice Market.  And if you ever need some help with your own website, graphic design, or e-books give us a shout.

Nourishing Days Design


I am sitting in our new office, which is really just the location in the old cabin where our bed used to be. It’s 4:00 p.m. on July 31st here in Central Texas, the girls are napping, and I am not sweating. I’m not sweating because it’s only 80 degrees. I know that doesn’t sound like news, but it’s big news. To say this summer has been less brutal than the last two would be an understatement.

The thickest part of summer begins now, on this eve of August. The melons are beginning to yellow, the sunflowers are opening, and the chickens are on the all-you-can-eat grasshopper buffet in this thick of summer. We are planning for the fall garden, grasping for each breeze, and doing more school than homesteading projects in this thick of summer.

Stewart and I have also been taking on a little bit of extra work while it’s too hot for the physical labor of bigger homestead projects. Here’s a roundup of some of my latest recipes, tutorials, and fermentation adventures.

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