She has always had an easy way with animals. She doesn’t spook easily, unless Abby the goat is nearby, but then again that goat frightens me and I’m not three feet tall. Overall, she has always taken well to animals and they have, in turn, taken well to her.


ruthokra3 ruthokra2

Her personality reminds me of a delicate feather caught up by a breeze. To be sure, she is stubborn as all get out and fraught with many of her Mama’s worst tendencies. But she’s also pretty much a bag of sunshine and cheer 90% of the time and as such, a great companion for admiring the okra blossoms.

“Aww, they’re so pretty, Mama,” she says, her voice sounding like it, too, was taken up by a breeze.

Yes they are baby, yes they are.