After we expanded the Chicken Field last year, we had talked about planting potatoes. Originally we thought we might do it last spring but couldn’t get the garden prepared in time. This year it seemed the way was made for it to happen so a few weeks ago we began preparing rows.

Then just the other day Stewart brought home a 50 pound sack of potato seed, ironically from my home state.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening cutting the Red Norland potatoes into thirds and quarters (with eyes!) in order to let them cure before planting. We also decided, since we have plenty of it, to dip the cut ends of the potatoes into wood ash. Apparently this is supposed to prevent rot and other diseases.

And for a few days our kitchen table was taken over by the curing potatoes who had nowhere else to go. Just this morning we planted them and thereby received our table back… but I will save that story for another day, Lord willing.

On a particularly dreary and cold day recently, we set out to move Mabel and the three dairy goats into a new section of pasture.

The other two meat animals we currently have were housed on a separate but equally worn section of pasture and so we were going to move them as well. And move them we did, Stanley and Bell coming from one section of pasture and Mabel, Abby, Daisy, and Millie from the other.

As some of you may have guessed, it didn’t take long for Mabel and Stan to remember their fondness for one another and soon after reuniting, Stanley was nursing contentedly once again, all but drinking the entirety of that evening’s milking. So we separated them once again and went back to the drawing board.

So Stewart ordered one of these doohickeys and we’re going to give it a try. Despite the always-present surprises in these processes, the family walk was nice… especially for certain little girls and boys who got to evade the afternoon nap just a little bit longer.