Note: I have updated my about page to include some additional information and a picture.

For health reasons we are going to try going grain free for about a month and see how we feel. I have been off of grains for the most part for a while, but now the whole family is going to get in on it.

We are doing a modified version of the GAPS diet in the hopes that our guts will finally heal from the antibiotics and poor diets we once had. We are also having guests for a few days this week so there are things like beans, sourdough bread and corn tortillas on the menu for them.

I am not entirely convinced that grains are that good for you, even if soaked/sprouted and prepared properly. But I have another post in the works about that.

As usual lunch is generally leftovers or a salad. Here is our menu for the week:



  • breakfast: poached eggs over leftover greens, oranges
  • dinner: hamburgers, sauteed mushrooms, steamed broccoli, salad w/ homemade dressing
  • prep: strain chicken stock, make yogurt


  • breakfast: eggs & sausage, sauteed mushrooms, oranges
  • dinner: sunflower seed pizza, braised cabbage
  • prep: chop vegetables for breakfast, start pizza crust in morning


  • breakfast: eggs, potato-free “homefries”, oranges
  • dinner: greens quiche, sourdough toast, blueberry-coconut smoothies, roasted sweet potatoes
  • prep: soak beans in morning


  • breakfast: leftover quiche, smoothies
  • dinner: taco salad/tostadas with beans (for guests) with guacamole and homemade salsa, carrot cake cookies
  • prep: start beans in morning, bake cookies


  • breakfast: smoothies
  • dinner: nitrate free hot dogs, salad, fruit
  • prep: none

Looking for more menu plans?