Last week Simple Bites published an article of mine; Lacto-Fermentation: An Easier, Healthier, More Sustainable Way To Preserve. From the article:

I think everyone should try lacto-fermentation for three reasons:

  1. The product is a living food, full of enzymes and probiotics.

  2. The process is much faster than waterbath or pressure canning.

  3. The process (and storage) can be done with zero energy usage.

A healthier product in less time and with less energy usage? Yes please!

Speaking of fermenting… last week the boys and I made some homemade kimchi with a bit of farmer’s market surplus. Here’s how it went:

Start with two large heads of napa cabbage. Photograph using Nourishing Traditions as a tripod.

Combine the cabbage, green onions, pepper flakes, garlic, sea salt, and ginger in a very large bowl.

Let your children take turns bashing the juice out of the cabbage.

Ladle into jars, allowing liquid to cover cabbage.

Allow to sit, at room temperature, for 2-3 days or until bubbling away. Place in cold storage – refrigerator or cellar. The flavors get better and better over time and the kimchi should keep for months.

It looks like we have a long summer of fermenting ahead of us – from pickles to kraut to salsa. I love how quick the whole process is.

What are you fermenting or preserving?