Today I have a few things happening around the internet that I’d like to share with you.

Why Winter is Menu Planning Season

As you know I have been feeding my family from our pantry since the first of December. I shared over at the Plan to Eat blog why menu planning is helping me to feed my family now more than ever. From the article:

Now that we are over halfway through our project, I am really starting to ration some things. And do you know what has been one of the most important parts of making sure we stay nourished and don’t wear down our supplies? Menu planning.

An Interview About Simple Food {for winter}

Another fun thing that happened this week was an interview that Stephanie of Keeper of the Home ran. She asked some really great questions that got me thinking some more about why seasonal eating is important and why writing Simple Food {for winter} has been a blessing to me. Questions from the interview:

You talk in your ebook about your version of the American Dream, a "home-based productive life of freedom". Where did that idea come from and what does it mean to you?

One of the main ideas in your book is that through food storage and careful planning, we can meet our body’s physical, nutritional requirements throughout the winter, even while eating entirely seasonal foods. Can you speak to that idea a bit?


A Giveaway

Finally, Aimee is giving away three copies of the e-book over at Simple Bites today. She is also featuring one of my recipes, Simple French Lentil Soup. This is what she had to say about the soup:

Our favorite dish, though, was this easy French Lentil Soup. It features creamy lentils, sweet carrots, dried thyme and a bit of bacon to round out the flavor. It simmered on our stove in the afternoon and I couldn’t wait to serve it, although I was worried that my eldest, Noah (5) would not be a fan. After we convinced him to try a bite, he bent his head and gobbled up the entire bowl!

“You should pack this soup for my school lunch sometime.”

I am so glad they liked it. I made it for my family for lunch yesterday too!

Next week I’ll be back with an update on our no groceries project, a recipe, and a new series on balancing hormones.