The less I have to buy at the grocery store, the better, right? So we have started with food – growing our own vegetables, buying what we can’t grow from local farmers, and trying to be mindful of where our money goes. It’s not like we don’t need the grocery store, because right now we still kind of do, but the end goal for us is to be more independent of it.

Once we get food out of the way it is time to take stock of all other consumables. So we got rid of paper towels and paper napkins. We get great soap from a local lady who has offered us the end pieces that are leftover from cutting at a great discount. The shampoo situation is still in the testing phases with our extremely hard water.

Toothpaste, on the other hand, is finally homemade. I am not sure of the cost, but I am thinking this whole recipe costs less than $.25 and will last our little family 2-3 months. The texture and flavor are slightly different than tubed toothpaste, but then again I can pronounce and identify every ingredient in the mix.

After looking through a host of recipes that called for coconut oil and glycerin, I decided to go with the fewest number of ingredients. The recipe is definitely flexible and should be tweaked to your preferences. Right now, though,I am really digging the hit of refreshing lemon this provides.

Lemon-Peppermint Toothpaste



  1. In a small bowl combine baking soda and sea salt with a fork. Add in essential oils (*I include an affiliate link to the type I use), drizzle in honey or stevia and mix well. Now add water one teaspoon at a time until it comes together, but is still slightly dry. The final product is just shy of a paste, more like a damp powder.
  2. I store this in a 1 cup canning jar with a tight-fitting lid.
  3. To use: Scoop out a very tiny bit (think enough to just dust 1/4 of your brush) onto your toothbrush using either a tiny spoon or just your toothbrush.

We have been using this for a few weeks now and both the Papa and I are very pleased with the refreshing results.

Have you tried making your own toothpaste?