I started reading blogs back before our oldest son was born. In researching things like homesteading, homemaking, cooking, traditional foods, and more I kept coming across these websites called "blogs".

So one day I decided it would be fun to start one of my own. Before ending up in this space I started three blogs that were unfocused and completely random.

Kind of like me.

After some time I stumbled into what I really wanted to share with the internet world and have been here ever since. I often tell the papa that I almost never come up with original ideas, I just know a good one when I see it. And these blogs that I share today are all teeming with good ideas.

Making a list like this scares me because it means that inevitably someone is not on the list. So keep in mind that this is a tiny fraction of the wonderful blogs that are out there and this list is in now way exhaustive.

On to the list…

So that is a (partial) list of what is inspiring me these days in the blogosphere as a mama, kitchen dweller, and food-growing wannabe.

What reading is inspiring you?


17 Responses to Five Underread Real Food/Sustainable Living Blogs

  1. I love Chicken Tender. I will definitely check out some of the other sites. Thanks for posting!


  2. Magda says:

    I’ve been scouring the web for GAPS inspiration… and recipes! I’ve literally devoured these two blogs and loved them:
    I have to hold myself back from all these fabulous blogs because right now I’m following 26 !!! Yep, 26 (your blog is one of them!). I also WOTH and I have 2 small kids, ages 6.5 and 14.5 months.
    The 2 blogs I mentioned are awesome: great recipes plus tons of stories to keep you going. I’m determined more than even to do GAPS and fix my food issues. I’ve seen amazing results in just 2 months (and that’s in transition, with cheating). Can’t wait to see what others write!


  3. Denise says:

    well, always you of course! I always come to this blog for very factual information. You do your research. Thanks Shannon!


  4. Thanks for this list. Always looking for new blogs and people to follow. Love getting all the different points of views and partaking in the conversations.


  5. Dollwood Farms says:

    Great post. I will check these out as well. Thanks for the recommendation.


  6. Angel7 says:

    I really like your blog, and the fact that you are on the same path with Jesus as my family and I are on! Thanks for all the sound information you give!



  7. Shannon thanks so much! My appreciation is beyond words.


  8. Quinn says:

    Thank you so much for adding me to your list Shannon! It is such a tremendous blessing when we like-minded people can fellowship and encourage one another over the internet. I’m glad that you found me so that I was able to start enjoying your blog as well. I truly appreciate the biblical approach that you lend to the real food conversation.


  9. Thank you for the list. You are all a very inspiring group of bloggers.


  10. Jen says:

    Thanks for the list, I shall have to check out these other bloggers! I do recall reading some of Artistta’s pieces about how food has changed in the last century, and it was quite engrossing.

    And yet again, I’ll say how very jealous I am of anyone who can keep chickens…! Our little town is quite backwards in that respect.


  11. Jes says:

    Thanks for posting this list Shannon, these are some wonderful blogs. I’ve added them to my list and am looking forward to following for some inspiration. Happy Spring!


  12. There are so many inspiring blogs out there! Yours is one I visit often, and Chicken Tender, too. I also love Nourished Kitchen, Cheeseslave, and Food Renegade. And Kelly the Kitchen Cop!

    Magda, I’ve just started the GAPS diet and am blogging about it at http://www.maggiesnest.org. Also, http://www.gapsguide.com has a great ongoing blog about the GAPS diet.


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  15. Chiot's Run says:

    Thanks so much for the love – glad you enjoy the blog. Hearing that others love reading my blog and knowing that I’m inspiring a few people to get out there and be a little more self-sufficient makes me so happy – it’s why I keep blogging every single day! I’ll have to check out the others you mentioned as I’m always looking for new blogs to read as well.


  16. Claire says:

    Thanks so much for this great list of blogs! Lately, I’ve been trying to seek out more good people who are exploring sustainability as I learn to change the way my husband and I live. Thanks again for your help.


  17. Alicia says:

    Hello! The link to Chicken Tender takes me to a food link, so I dont think something is right or it’s me. :) Thanks for the great links!


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