Well, here we are, three days into May and I am finally ready to share our favorite spring-time recipes. Creating this book was kind of like a very mellow version of having a baby. It is really fun and exciting, those last few weeks are a bit hard, and (in my case) it’s ready two weeks later than expected.

After receiving all of the feedback from Simple Food {for winter} I was a little concerned that I was going in a completely different direction with this one. But, truth be told, I think it makes sense. After winter we want anything but winter on our plates and that is exactly what is growing right now.

So that is what you’ll find this time around… spinach, lettuce, radishes, onions, spring herbs, greens, asparagus… it’s all in here (and more). And this time around these recipes are mostly meat-free and at least a third can easily be made vegan.

Some of our favorite recipes include the salads and dressings made from cultured dairy; asparagus, spinach, and spring onion tart; greens burgers; one-pan baked eggs with spinach; grain-free one-pan deconstructed stuffed shells; sprouted French lentil, ham, and asparagus salad; grain-free scones; and chimichurri sauce.

I’ve also shared five essays about sustainability, more on our journey to agrarianism, and some thoughts on spring cleansing and wild edibles. You can see all 28 (brand new) recipes, which come with photos, over on the book’s landing page or you can just…

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Now I’d like to give three of y’all a free copy of the book. Just leave a comment and I’ll pick and announce the winners on Friday.

Thanks so much for your love and support of this place and these books that I share!